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A Virtual Reality Solution for Group Tours

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How It Works

Meet Virtually Tours is the realistic group tour experience that truly captures all the benefits of a live tour.  We utilize pre-recorded, high resolution, 360-degree video of the location to be toured. 

Tour attendees use a mobile phone application and a disposable, customizable, virtual reality headset to access their tour.  When the tour starts, tour attendees meet their tour guide on a video conferencing platform and are lead through the immersive experience.  With our proprietary platform, your tour guide can pace the whole encounter, pausing everyone’s video simultaneously to discuss points of interest and answer live questions in real time.

Do you want to run your own tours of your space?  Our platform will allow you to create a tour schedule, assign expert tour guides to your schedule, and invite people to sign up to attend a tour when it’s convenient for them.  Generate attendee and engagement reports, obtain tour attendee feedback – it’s all right at your fingertips.  Ask about licensing.


Content Strategy

Work with Digital Event Experts to design a perfect experience.


Content Creation

We use the most state of the art filming equipment to capture beautiful, high resolution video.


Technology Solution

The Meet Virtually Tours platform unites this pre-recorded video content with a tour guide and tour attendees to create a realistic, engaging live tour experience.


Working closely with the Meet Virtually team, clients can build out their own unique virtual experience, carefully selecting the desired location, the custom branding, and the expert host to lead the journey.

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